Proxy_set_header X-Real-IP from remote server

my stalker portal uses a Cloudflare proxy, and users who connect to boxes have the correct ip address on the portal. But users who connect via the smart-stb web application have an invalid ip address, more precisely they have an address from the smart-stb server and when changing the ip address to Cloudflare on the road, an error of authentication occurs on the stalker portal.
means my flow merging
user app - smart-stb ip server - Cloudflare - my stalker
I get an IP from smartstb, not from a user ???

ip address smart-stb server shift-recording-and-archive…html

please help !!!

Cloudflare’s CF-Connecting-IP header can only tell you the IP address of the client that made the request to Cloudflare - in this case, in your flow, the smart-stb ip server.

Look at the X-Forwarded-For and see if that holds what you’re after - that can have multiple IP addresses as a request can pass through several proxies.

I tried various combinations but without success, or I get the ip address of Cloudflare or the ip address of the smart-stb server. I can’t get a real ip address of the user !!!
no combination of CF-Connecting-IP or X-Forwarded-For gives the correct ip address but only with that smart-stb app ??
for other devices I use I get the correct ip address of the user

I don’t know what the problem is ?? in nginx settings or Cloudflare?

If the ‘smart-stb app’ isn’t adding the user’s IP address into X-Forwarded-For then you won’t be able to get the client’s IP address.

You need the ‘smart-stb app’ to add the user’s IP address into a header that will then be passed on by Cloudflare to your origin, which you can then use.

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Assuming the flow is as follows:

User --> smart-stb server --> Cloudflare --> Origin (nginx)

From Cloudflares perspective the client IP is the IP of the smart-stb server, they do not know that the User exists. If the smart-stb server is not including some header (such as an XFF header) then there is no way for Cloudflare to pass that data to the Origin.

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