Proxy service, permitted or not permitted for streaming jellyfin/plex

I am new to cloudflare, I came here because the price was reasonable and I was able to get the domain name that I wanted. Then I found out about the proxy service, which is a great feature.

So here is my question. “???”

Is proxy permitted for use during streaming Jellyfin or Plex? I watched a u-tube video from Ibracorp where he said that using a proxy for streaming media will get a cloudflare account banned, I don’t know if I should use it or not, I rarely access my jellyfin through https:// but I wanted to ask before I set the proxy on if anyone at cloudflare cares if I use it or not or if there is any rules I need to follow. I am new to this service and I don’t want my account blocked. Is this rumour true? If I could get an answer from somone who works for cloudflare that would be great!

So far the domain is working great and I am always able to connect to my server, I came from inos and I don’t know why but I’m having less issues with cloudflare and the gui is much easier to navigate, its easier to setup subdomains.

Well, yes and no. First: its again the ToS, but unless you are not exceeding the actual limitations in terms of traffic you very sure will not get banned etc. Video/Movies/Audio are not the typical web content, and then on the other side they again are on Videoplatforms. I in general had problems setting up Plex on my NAS on a docker with piping it to port 443 as it interfered with other Plex setting AFAIK. So I eventuelly gave it up and just used an unproxied domain.

Second: if you just mange your DNS over Cloudflare but you are not proxying any Plex traffic through Cloudflare you are anyway on the safe side. I actually would recommand this. Use Cloudflare (best DNS management tool) and unproxy your Plex domain (:grey:) then it should not be a problem anymore.

If you dont want to use Port 443 keep in mind that there are HTTPS Ports and HTTP Ports and just on these 3 ports you can cache requests on Cloudflare:

  • 443 (HTTPS)
  • 80 (HTTP)
  • 8080 (HTTP)

Thanks for your reply, I’m not sure if you are a cloudflare employee or not. If not you may not have fully read my post. Anyways, setting up a reverse proxy on Jellyfin or plex is not a big deal.I’ve had mine set up from day one. My question was just about that little yellow switch on my cloudflare dns settings, whether It should be on or off for a subdomain intended to stream Plex/Jellyfin. I’m looking for an answer on how much data traffic can be trafficed through cloudflare’s proxy and if they will limit me on that aspect, after all the proxy is just set for the webpage login I am unsure if all the data from streaming would pass through cloudflares servers on its way to me. I reverse proxy everything, and I not only reverse proxy but I proxy on top with Cloudflare, Proxy Proxy. Even my torrents go through a Proxy then another proxy. More secure the better, its not like it slows down fiber optic, nothing slows down a real fiber optic cable internet installation done properly. I guess I’ll just keep my proxies on and wait to find out, I mean I barely use it through Https:// anyways but the option is nice when Im at my computer I just keep the web version address bookmarked and Im watching it though there too. I’m not sure if ibracorp was being honest or where he got his information from, or how much those people that got their accounts banned were actually watching. But I tend to disagree, Videos/Movies/Audio are exactly what typical internet traffic is. I think you don’t know what your talking about because Streaming media sites now devour more than 70 percent of internet traffic in North America.

I was asking for a cloudflare employee to answer.

I think I found my answer in Terms of Use.

2.8 Limitation on Serving Non-HTML Content

The Services are offered primarily as a platform to cache and serve web pages and websites. Unless explicitly included as part of a Paid Service purchased by you, you agree to use the Services solely for the purpose of (i) serving web pages as viewed through a web browser or other functionally equivalent applications, including rendering Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) or other functional equivalents, and (ii) serving web APIs subject to the restrictions set forth in this Section 2.8. Use of the Services for serving video or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other non-HTML content is prohibited, unless purchased separately as part of a Paid Service or expressly allowed under our Supplemental Terms for a specific Service. If we determine you have breached this Section 2.8, we may immediately suspend or restrict your use of the Services, or limit End User access to certain of your resources through the Services.ddDdd

“Use of the Services for serving video or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other non-HTML content is prohibited”

So this means if I don’t grey cloud my subdomain and I stream too much in porportion to my overall use of the service then it could violate the terms of service agreement. Thats no problem, I will just use cloudflare as a domain service for jellyfin or plex. I already have a reversy proxy installed on my server. The streaming will not route through cloudflare as a simple dns. I don’t want to pay extra to run a proxy. I just prefer when I use my Jellyfin media player I input the server name in https:// so that if any settings need to be changed or the port number gets changed then I don’t have to keep maintaining each individual device and inputting the new port number to stream, Domain name is better for this than streaming through the local ip address. I have reinstalled jellyfin a few times and I had to update my settings for each device and its extra work I can avoid by using

The community forum is not the right place to ask then. If your plan includes it, you can contact support. If you are looking at the Enterprise plan then you can contact Sales. Most of the people helping out on the community are other volunteers and it’s not the place to get official clarification on legal/TOS issues.


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