Proxy Redirects

Another service similar to Cloudlfare allows you to proxy other websites under the same account, for example, you could have 2 independent websites such as an ecommerce store and a blog. Setting up a proxy on the ecommerce store would allow you to proxy the blog website under /blog/*. Meaning all traffic going to the ecommerce domain /blog would redirect to the blog website.

Is there anyway to set this up on Cloudflare? Or is this feature on the roadmap?

If I’m understanding correctly, you could probably use Transform Rules for this:

If you had a and a and then wanted to be rewritten to, that would be possible using Transform Rules and a host header override, with enterprise.

As an aside, you posted this in the Cloudflare Pages category - was this a specific question for Pages projects?

Hey, thanks for your reply. I tagged Cloudflare Pages as the sites I would be using would be for pages and partly because the documentation around proxying says it’s not supported on here `developers.Cloudflare dot com/pages/platform/redirects/

I think you have understood, but for clarities sake, if I had a blog on Cloudflare pages eg blog and the store at store (which has the custom domain store .com). Could I proxy store .com/blog to blog So as far as the user is concerned they only ever see store .com/blog in the url?

Basically I have a bunch of independent static websites that I wish to keep separate and have separate builds but the user should believe they are all under the same url. Do you think that’s possible using Transform Rules?

Hope that makes sense, and thanks once again for your help

Yes. The best way to do this would probably be a Worker though, rethinking about it. I forgot that overriding the Host header is an enterprise only feature.

With a Worker, you could simply fetch('') when the URL matches, or when the URL matches, etc.

There are some examples in the Workers docs, but the most useful for you would probably be these:

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll have a read through. My concern for using this would be around pricing as the sites I maintain get around 65million page views a month between them. If only Cloudflare offered proxying in pages. Do you know if there’s a way I can speak to someone at Cloudflare directly to get some tailored advice?

For any tailored or specific advice, you’ll likely want to consider an Enterprise plan and reach out to their sales team who’ll be able to sit you down with a Sales Engineer.

Someone else here on the forum here might have another suggestion that I’m not thinking about too.

Thank you, I’ve just fired an email. Definitely worth a conversation. Really appreciate your help, so thank you once again.