Proxy redirect playing to download site .rar

good afternoon community

I have a problem… all my DNS when I enable the proxy, it redirects to a page to download a .rar file.

What would be the best solution and why is this happening?

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Can you confirm I have understood you correctly - you have a domain on Cloudflare and it is redirecting to a website that downloads a .rar file? If so, what’s the domain name? Or are you using Cloudflare Warp/ DNS and are experiencing this issue?



Yes I have a domain.

When I enable the Cloudflare proxy it forwards to this site that downloads the .rar file


Do you have any Redirect Rules or Page Rules configured on the domain? Are you using WordPress?

If Rules, delete them and reset your Cloudflare account password + API key.

If WordPress, your site may be infected with malware, there are past occurrences on Community search with advice for situations like this

The strange thing is that if I disable the proxy, it works perfectly.

Are you sure? SSL does not seem to work.

Wooba has the proxy disabled, I will activate it for you to test again.

The proxy has nothing to do with that. SSL needs to work on your server, hence my question as you said it works without Cloudflare.

It works without any problem.

The big issue is that when I enable the proxy and enter the site, it redirects to another site and downloads a file, they are systems hosted on Linux machines, without wordpress.

When I disable the proxy, I can normally access these servers.

The question is:

Why am I redirected to this with the proxy active?

When I say proxy, I mean the DNS proxy that I configure within Cloudflare.

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Are you sure? The screenshot I posted earlier suggests that your site does not work on SSL? Keep it unproxied and make sure that works.


I disabled the proxy and used the HTTP protocol to access.

You are redirecting to HTTPS however

$ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Do you want to use HTTPS or only HTTP?

That, inside Cloudflare I access via HTTPS, and it redirects to my HTTP.

If you want to use HTTPS, you first need to fix the server.

The strange thing is that it works for more than years like this, and today it stopped.

Maybe your host made some change. I would keep it unproxied and talk to the host to make sure it loads on HTTPS. Then it should also work on Cloudflare.