Proxy raises ping and limits bandwith. Possible?

I’m using an A Record (Proxy activated) and an SRV Record to connect to my self hosted minecraft server. Is it possible that because of the proxy the ping is higher and the it lags if you want to play or must this be a general bandwith or server internet issue?
Thanks in advance!

Are you using Spectrum for Minecraft on your account?

No, i didnt even know it existed before you mentioned it.
I don’t want to pay, i think there isn’t a free version.
Would that solve it?

If you’re not using Spectrum, I’m trying to figure out how you’re proxying Minecraft.

If it’s DNS Only, then Cloudflare has nothing to do with your Ping results.

I have an a record ( to the ip with proxy enabled.
And i also have an srv record with the port 25565 for minecraft.
Isn’t it then proxied?

I bet if you track it through DNS, it will ultimately lead to an unproxied IP address.

Can you tell me how i could check that?
I want to know if its getting exposed.

I’ve got a dedicated Minecraft server running and used to use Cloudflare’s Spectrum directly. I’ve since switched to TCPShield and have activated Cloudflare Spectrum from within TCPShield to make use of both though.

However, using Cloudflare Spectrum from within TCPShield isn’t free though and is a premium service. With that said, TCPShield does have a more limited free plan without premium network access or Spectrum and stuff, for free.

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