Proxy (orange cloud) not working on A record. Unproxied (grey cloud) does

I had pointed to a digital ocean server which shared with other domains. Recently I moved it to it’s own server (new IP address).

I changed the IP address in the digital ocean networking section to point to the new server.


I updated the Cloudflare A record as well…


However, when it’s proxied (orange cloud), the DNS at other servers worldwide (at least using DNS Checker ) gets reverted to the old server’s IP address. Keeping it un-proxied (grey cloud) lets it point to the correct IP.

How can I troubleshoot and fix this?

An :orange: record displays a Cloudflare IP address.


Ok fine but the proxy is somehow pointing to the wrong IP address or a cached version of the site when I enable it. I’ve flushed the cache multiple times to no effect. The only thing that works to point it to the correct IP address and receive the correct, current site returned is to turn the proxy off.

Again, how do I troubleshoot this?

The address the proxy points to is the same address returned when the record is :grey:, so that it is pointing to the wrong IP seems unlikely. Right now the site visually looks the same to me through Cloudflare or direct (edited my hosts file to check). Is there something specific that is different between the site when :orange: vs :grey: for you?

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Hmm… it was showing an old design back when I created the ticket. I conflated that with the internal Cloudflare IP. The design was not correct, which was my indication that something was wrong and the IP change seemed to be a red herring.

I just changed it again, and with some time between then and now the design is correct. Not sure exactly how to do an autopsy on the issue, but if I experience it again I’ll come back to this.

Thanks for the help and attention @cs-cf

If not Cloudflare cache, could be client cache. An incognito window/different browser can sometimes be helpful in debugging… not that it couldn’t be a Cloudflare issue (occasionally things do go pear shaped) but didn’t see an influx of tickets which might indicate a systemic issue… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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