Proxy or DNS for DKIM and DMARC records

I’m not sure whether I need to set my DKIM, DMARC and SPF1 records to proxy. Gmail has stopped sending mail from my domain email address with the message that I no longer have access to it. I checked with my host and they say that everything is fine on their end. I wondered if it might have something to do with my settings here.

TXT records can’t be proxied so those would be ok. If you have any CNAMEs for such records, then those should be set to “DNS only” and not proxied.

If you can give the domain name, people can look and advise.

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Thank you for your quick response!
The domain is
kidsclubenglish .com

The records look ok (assuming set according to your mail provider). DMARC is set to tell mail servers to reject anything that isn’t satisfied so you might want to lower that to quarantine or none while you are having issues.

Are you saying you can’t send from your domain from Gmail? Not sure what the issue is there, but if it is sending from Gmail that’s your problem then you haven’t specified Google as a source of mail in your SPF. Other than that, setting Gmail to send for a domain isn’t something I’ve done so you’ll need to check your settings for that.

Or do you mean you can’t send to Gmail mail addresses? In which case, lowering the DMARC setting as above may help debug.

Others may be able to help more.

Thank you for your detailed response.
I can receive from my domain address and I can send with the domain address from Mailerlite or emails sent through contact forms on my website. It’s the sending part from Gmail via the domain address that is the problem.
I’m wondering whether I need to change other settings like my SMTP on my website. I’m not sure, but this must have to do with the upcoming Google changes because everything worked before.

Thank you for your help!

Can you share the exact error code(s)/message(s) you see?

Can you elaborate what you mean with “from Gmail”?

Are you using a free Gmail ( email address, and trying to get that one to send messages, where you also expect to the recipient to see these messages, as appearing to be from your own custom domain (e.g. the .com mentioned above), rather than the address?

Or what exactly is the connection to Google / Gmail, in your case?

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