Proxy not working for subdomains with Advanced Certificate

I recently purchased Advanced Certificate Manager in hopes of using the proxy for more than one level subdomain. After creating an advanced certificate and creating a record like, I am still getting ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH when visiting the site. I have followed the tutorial found here with no success. When disabling the proxy it works just as expected. What else could be causing this issue?

Hi @user12908,

Thanks for checking out the tutorial! If you created a certificate with the hostname you added a DNS record for, then it should work fine.

Are you able to post the hostname and a screenshot of your SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates page with the list of certificates?

You will need to specify the required hostnames on the certificate. If you order an advanced certificate you can add the hostnames during the process.

For this you’d either need to specifically add or a wildcard for *

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I added * to the certificate. I then created a dns record for When I visit the site I get a Error 522: Connection Timed Out. I disabled the proxy and still get the same result.

found out I just needed to whitelist the ip ranges for cloudflare