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I never have problem this CF for several years but this time it is really annoying. I changed IP of a A record behind the proxy but it takes the old IP and does not update.

I cleaned all the cache. When i disable the proxy the good IP is used and all is working but I need the proxy.

I tried to contact the support but instant close my request ( #2420124) without helping me further.

Thank you

First: @MoreHelp should be used after 3 days of not getting a reply on the community.

I’ll reply regardless even if you pinged a lot of people for no need, as it’s easy. When a record is proxied, it will show Cloudflare’s IP, the one you add in DNS is behind the scenes and used to connect to the origin. It’s working as intended.

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Hi matteo,

Sorry I completely forgot about the more help mention… I’ll be more careful.

The problem is not the IP returned by the DNS tools, because it shows only the CF IP as you said. But when proxy is enabled it shows the old website and not the new one. I think CF proxy caches the old IP and redirect to this one instead of the new one.

Where is the old website it is pointing to hosted?

It is showing this website: (with IP instead of the new website with the new IP

Is this the hosting you used to use for the site that it’s showing?

If so, please contact your old provider and ask them to remove any Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames.

Yes Render is the old hosting.
Ok I’ll contact them. Thanks for your support !

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No problem, they should be able to remove it from their Cloudflare config and that should free up the domain to work with your configuration.

Indeed, the problem was my old provider. All is working, thanks !

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