Proxy my zimbra webmail

Hello everyone.
Our dns zone is managed by Cloudflare: We have a zimbra mailserver and i would like to use the proxy for the webmail.
Currently the A record for webmail is the same as the MX record:
record at mail. company. com
MX record mail. company. com

To use the proxy function, do I have to separate the two records?

thank you

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

Yes. Once you :orange: proxy the record, the published IP addresses will change to Cloudflare proxy addresses. The Cloudflare proxy does not pass SMTP traffic which means your inbound maill would cease functioning.

If you add a new hostname, like, you can proxy it and leave the MX records alone. You will need to make sure that your webmail responds to requests for that hostname. You could add a new name for the MX instead, such as Another option is to route your incoming mail through a third-party spam filter, which would result in changing the names in your MX records.

Whatever you choose, the key is :orange: records only support HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

Thank you
Very clear

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