Proxy multiple domains to the same IP?

I’ve got two domains, and I am hosting the content for these two websites from the same IP (my home server). I can handle the incoming traffic/routing as needed, but it seems like enabling proxying for both of these domains breaks it entirely.

If I have both or pointing to with proxying enabled on both then pages do not resolve anymore. If I have proxying enabled on one and “DNS only” on the other then it works fine.

Is this a known limitation to DNS proxying? Is there a way around this without requiring a second static IP?


I’m unclear what this means. What error do you receive?

I’ve got absolutely no idea; stuff wasn’t working a couple weeks back, and now it is. It’s probably a safe assumption that I had a typo somewhere or just did something else incorrect. Stuff is working now at any rate!

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Actually scratch this, it doesn’t work, hah. I suspect it’s something on my end related to routing or something. I’ve got stuff set up to use Traefik as a reverse proxy, and I imagine there’s something going wrong there but I’m not certain. I’ll look into that more closely if the issue isn’t a Cloudflare limitation.

Just to make sure, this is just a placeholder and you are actually using your real IP address?


Yeah it was just a placeholder. The error was just a 404.

I did fix it, though, and the answer was just that one of the domains (the newer one) was using Flexible SSL instead of Strict. Switching it to strict solved it. :upside_down_face:


An RFC complaint placeholder IP always throws us for a loop. Well done. :smiley:

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