Proxy mail thorugh Cloudflare and rDNS

Hello Community Team,
I just noticed if I proxy my mail DNS record, I will loose my rDNS because A record goes to different IP rather my server IP.
So, I have to choose NOT proxy mail DNS record and set it to “DNS Only” which is dangerous, because it will reveal my origin server IP.

Is there anyway to proxy my mail server and set rDNS (PTR record) correctly?


You need an Enterprise plan for that.

They are different. The reverse DNS is bound to your server’s IP and not to Cloudflare’s.
So it is revealed anyway when sending an email.
Best would be to seperate your mail server from your webserver or get a second IP address.

My mail server is set up at
I have:

I have PTR record of My Server IP to ‘

If I proxy A record of ‘mail’ through Cloudflare, my A record dns lookup will result in different IP (Cloud flare’s and not my Server IP) thus mismatch existing PTR record and SpamAssassin report rDNS_NONE.

If I set A record of ‘mail’ to ‘DNS Only’, the problem will be solved.

Anyway to proxy mail through Cloudflare and set PTR record at Cloudflare’s ‘backend’ so I don’t get rDNS_NONE error?


This is correct. The proxy IPs don’t have a PTRs:

[email protected]:~$ nslookup ** server can't find NXDOMAIN

And you can’t set one. You either need to unproxy and get at least a second IP assigned to your server, or -and that’s the best solution- use a different Server or a mail provider like Microsoft, Google…

I’ve got my answer!

Thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile:

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