Proxy issues when enabled it

If the proxy is disabled, the website works fine. However, when the proxy is enabled, the website goes down.

Make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict and none of the insecure legacy ones.

I’ve already use Full (strict) mode but still not working.

where is none of the insecure legacy? I will check but I don’t konw where is it.

Which domain is it?


now I’ve already pause cloudflar. I don’t konw how to fix it

You first need to fix the certificate issue on your server. You don’t have a valid certificate.

Keep Cloudflare paused for now.

ok, i’m checking now

how to enable port 8000 in Cloudflare

test dot com:8000

You can’t but that’s a whole different issue and you first need to fix the certificate on your server. You said everything is working fine, but that’s not true I am afraid.

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