Proxy is not working

now HTTPS is not working because site is un PAUSE with CLOUDFLARE

ok sorry for my ignorance… How do I change that?

Already covered that:

My hosting is godaddy and with the same hosting I already have 2 domains working fine with CLOUDFLARE.

If I call godaddy I must say this:

  1. (Recommended) Remove the HTTPS to HTTP or HTTP to HTTPS redirects from your origin web server configuration. For example:
  • Apache - RewriteRules
  • nginx - Rewrite directives and 301 return directives

Is it that the solution?

This isn’t the place to ask about how to get your hosting to work.

My hosting works fine sdayman without HTTPS the problem is when I switch to CLOUDFLARE to have the HTTPS

It’s not, otherwise your site would be working. You just checked the proxy certificate.

Once more, pause your site and talk to your host to get your site working on HTTPS.

Good, you pause your site. Do you now notice what has been said all along?

Now talk to your host to get your site working on HTTPS and only once it loads fine, then unpause Cloudflare, not before.

But the problem is I do not want to buy a SSL Certficate with GODADDY I want to use the free one that CLOUDFLARE offer.

As mentioned in a billion threads, that’s not how it works. First your server needs to be secure and only then you can add Cloudflare. Literally in a billion threads.

You can get any free certificate that is out there, but you need to configure it on your server.

Cloudflare has a free one you can put on your server:

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Well I am not agree with you sandro.
I have to domains with the same hosting of godaddy without SSL of godaddy and I have the FREE SSL certificate with CLOUDFLARE

You can disagree all you want, it won’t change the technical facts. And yes, you might have quite a few other insecure sites and your content is still on HTTP.

Once more, get one of the mentioned certificates and you’ll be good to go. If you had got one three days ago when it was mentioned for the first time, you’d already have a properly secured site and we wouldn’t need to discuss any of that, which has been discussed a million times anyhow.

Get an LE certificate or an Origin one. There really is not more to say.

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Thanks sdayman this is very helpful and thank you for your help and patience :pray: :raised_hands:

That link is literally mentioned in the very first response here :roll_eyes:.

Asking for help, ignoring any advice, and then knowing things better. My favourites!

No, it is not

And that is?

Literally right there. Christ’s sake!

It is not the same link.
Anyway thank you for you time!

It is even the identical link.