Proxy IPv4 visitors to IPv6-only backend

I have a server with IPv6 address only

I’d like to setup CloudFlare to allow visitors of both IPv4 and IPv6, but using only IPv6 backend.

IPv4 visitors should be proxied by CloudFlare to IPv6 backend server

Is this possible? How to configure that?

You simply configure an AAAA record with your address and the rest should be handled by the proxies.

Are you sure that CloudFlare is so smart, that it will know to generate “fake” A record without being told so?

It wont be a fake record it will be the A record of the proxy. These will always be there, regardless of what you configure. Please check out

The same the other way round, there’ll always be an AAAA record, even if you just configure an A record. Though in this particular case one can disable IPv6, in which case the AAAA record wont be announced.

Thanks, I will give it a try with some less important domain

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