Proxy IP blocked by providers

Hello, we are getting proxy IPs from Colombia to our website that is usually blocked from providers and firewalls. How can we get another IP range for our site and subdomains, like EU or US IPs. Used to work ok, probably we had another IP range. Can this be changed? there is no option to change that.
we asked Cloudflare and for free account they don’t have email support.

Thank you.

Since Cloudflare IPs are anycasted there is probably no such thing as truly “US/EU IPs”.

There might be better options out there, but I’ve observed that the IP addresses change when you enable Argo Smart Routing (Traffic → Argo in the dashboard). In my case, I saw this when adding the feature to my Free plan. Note (especially if you have a lot of traffic) that Argo Smart Routing is a paid feature but just thought I mention it as a possible emergency workaround.

Additionally, you could also look into whether IPs change if you switch between plans (like Free to Pro). Haven’t looked into his myself so it’s just based on a theory that the plans may have different service levels.

There might be better ideas out there :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you for your help! I will try another plan or enable Argo. In any case, if anyone has any idea to change the IP range, I will be happy to know.


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