Proxy IP Addresses

Quick question that maybe someone knows the answer to.

Up until a few days ago, proxied subdomains only listed two IPv4 addresses and two IPv6 addresses.

As of a couple/few days ago, each proxied subdomain seems to have gained an additional IPv4 address and IPv6 address.

Just wondering what the reason for this is, or is it going to be a great new killer feature :smiley:


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The third IP address seems to be randomly (well, unknown to us) assigned at the moment. Only one of my domains (free plan) has it currently.

At least three of my domains have it, I checked a load of friendโ€™s domains and they also had three for some of them which is why I asked.

Maybe someone else can shed more light on the subject?

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Hello Cloudflare Staff.

Previously my domains get only 2 response for each IP version but today I see third response is added in A and AAAA.
I am wondering what is the reason why these third answers are added ?

It is different net block in IPv4 it might be added if any bgp issue is happening and keep connection available or related to quic ?

Thank you for answers.

Has anyone found out why a 3rd address has been added for both IPv4 and IPv6?

@cloonan @sandro @cscharff @sdayman just wondering if any of you have any ideas why this is happening?

Although I expect its a killer new feature or something similar to prevent incidents which is always good :smiley:

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A couple of months ago, Cloudflare started adding a third IP address to every domain, even for Free plans.

For example: uses Cloudflare uses Cloudflare Enterprise

Notice the 172. extra IP
It also appears to have different routing.

Does someone know what is the purpose of this third IP address appearing on some Cloudflare websites?


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