Proxy domain IP help

I have a nextcloud that works perfectly and wanted to add extra security just in case, so I decided to use Cloudflare. My NC is using a desec domain and my Cloudflare’s nameservers are set up and working - but i noticed my home IP is still showing. DNS is pointing to Cloudflare but the IP is not proxied ( it shows the proxy turned on next to the A record ).

im using the free version of Cloudflare at the moment. All nameservers are changed under desec. Also I am new and still learning this as I go along.

The old DNS record may still be in your DNS cache. Please wait a few hours so the changes can propagate (the time this takes depends on the TTL value your old unproxied DNS record had).

Additionally, you can use a website like to confirm if your DNS changes are propagated across other DNS resolvers around the world.

thank you for your response!

It has been two days since I set up the nameservers. That link you provided is one of the sites I check daily for my information and it does in fact still show my Home IP. As for the TTL, everything is set by default to value of 3600. In theory, the change should take affect within 24 hours.

You might have Cloudflare paused on your site. Could you double check if this is not the case? You can check this on the Cloudflare dashboard → your website → overview.

Under dashboard, its not paused. I also noticed I have no logs showing for anything. Im assuming I have incorrect settings somewhere, possibly the A record. On desec its showing Cloudflare nameservers.

If you are willing to share your domain, we can see if queries identify the problem. Otherwise, it’s all guesswork at this point.

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