Proxy doesn't work

Hello everyone. I’m new to the Cloudflare community.
I open this post to ask you for help on dns.
I have a domain on I bought a linux hosting. I realize that this type of server is very slow so you increase the page loading response times. I decided to activate an account on cloudflare which should guarantee me a faster response to loading the pages. Arrived at the modification of the DNS, I encountered the problems:

  1. for my site to be online the proxy flag of the A record must be disabled.
  2. in the head record A I entered the ip provided by my Register.
  3. when the site was inserted in cloudflare, the system automatically listed all the records of my domain that I proceeded to eliminate, leaving only Record A and CNAME.

If someone of you is so kind as to be able to provide me with assistance on the correct insertion of the DNS.

The site in question is the following:

Thanks everyone for the support

Hi @lambiase.cristian

What error do you see when you proxy the DNS records?

Why did you delete the DNS records that Cloudflare automatically added to your account?



Your site is performing too many redirects

Delighted to report that the issue has been resolved. The problem was due to the active HTTPS redirect on my original register.
By disabling the redirect to HTTPS I was able to activate the proxy and the site now seems to work correctly.

Just one last kindness, how come TTFB still ranks high in Google PageSpeed?

Thank you, see you soon.

Instead of doing this, you should change the encryption mode in Cloudflare from Flexible to Full (strict). Disabling encryption should not be the solution.

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