Proxy directories separately from main domain?

Currently our website and apps are all on app engine, and DNS is managed via Google domains.

What we want is the following:

  1. to point to a new wordpress website on wpengine.
  2. and to point to separate app engine installs.
  3. these are all on google domains currently.

Does anyone know how I would achieve this? We will eventually move /clients and /interviews to subdomains.

That should be done via routing withing the apps themself, otherwise useing the web host configuration file to separate rewrites and/or which one uses which :thinking:

I don’t see an issue since I’m using WordPress on a root domain and some other apps on folders, including few other on sub-domains. All the “routing” part is configured at the origin host/server, therefore each app knows to where should it route and go under the directories and not overlapping the other one.

Regarding the migration from directory to sub-domain, you could achive the redirection with Cloudflare, if so.

Thanks for the response!

So then you are saying that even though the main domain DNS is pointing to a different server than the Apps are in routing to the directories, that this has no effect on access the Apps? If so that is excellent. I did not set this up in Google domains so was not sure how the routing could work without sub-domain.

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