Proxy customer's domains pointed to our domain using CNAME record

Sorry if I couldn’t find my answer in the forum. We are providing a web hosting like service. Our customers may have the service on their own sub-domain by creating a CNAME record over their main domain pointing to our domain. Is there a way to DNS proxy our domain along with other sub-domains without need to move all those customer’s domains to cloudflare (which is impossible)? The problem is that our service is served only over HTTPS and all those sub-domains need to have HTTPS enabled.

For example assume our domain is and there are lots of, and etc pointing to using CNAME record but they are not using cloudflare as DNS service. When enable the proxy for our domain, the HTTPS connection breaks for other sub-domains.

This is available in Business and Enterprise plans: if you want to serve/proxy a domain through Cloudflare and serve an SSL certificate for the domain from Cloudflare’s edge:

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