Proxy Client Certificate to Origin Server

I’m working for a sass startup which requires client certificate, not the details from it, the entire certificate to origin server so that we can process it. Is there any way to pass the raw x509 certificate in the request to the origin server for all requests?

Is it from Cloudflare?

The Client’s certificate, that Client presents to Cloudflare should be passed on to the Origin Server.

From the description, I reckon that you want to pass the raw x509 certificate (from your end). I think that’s not quite possible even through Cloudflare. You can use otherwise use Cloudflare, you can create origin CA and install. I hope I’m following you correctly!
Or is it that you are trying talk about Cloudflare for Saas?

If it is Cloudflare for SaaS, I would suggest you to check this out. That’s a enterprise feature:

Thanks @neiljay for a quick answer. If its not much trouble, Can you link me to documentation of where the Client Certificate(from IOT device etc…) can be forwarded to Origin server through Cloudflare? I Can;t seem to find it in Cloudflare for Sass.

I’m not certain I would be able help you on this accurately. As per the info, here are the couple of articles:

Certificate issuance:

Check the above. If they don’t help, you can talk to the sales (from the chat) or wait for other community members to respond. They will assist you on this:

How would you do this if you weren’t using Cloudflare?

@neiljay Much appriciated for the documentation links.

Planning to use nginx ssl_client_cert

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