Proxy Breaks My

Hello everyone! I’m currently working on a website for a friend. My main problem would be a malicious attacker trying to DDoS our servers. When I have proxy enabled, I get the error shown below, when I have it disabled, I get the default Nginx landing page. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I meant to title it “Proxy Breaks My Site” and I didn’t 'cause I’m dumb.

Is this what you’re expecting to see?

Has your friend used some other third party service that controlled their DNS settings?

I have been big into programming and things like that, but never anything related to DNS or websites. Currently we have our domain from, and we have a default Nginx server setup on our VPS. When we have proxy enabled, our Minecraft server and Website do not open with the domain, but when we set it to DNS only, it will allow us to open the website and connect to the MC server (but I’m not as worried about this).

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