Proxy breaking my connection and Dynamic DNS client settings

I’d like to get my Cloudflare dynamic DNS client within my PFSense firewall to update Cloudflare with the current WAN IP address. Can you please pass on the settings I would use? Also with Cloudflare Proxy turned off in my Cloudflare account, I can access my security cameras via the internet but with Cloudflare proxy turned on, it will not connect me. What do you think the issue is?

Thank you.

Here’s the API endpoint you’d use to update DNS records for a domain using Cloudflare. Is this what you’re looking for?

Your security cameras must use HTTP(S) and run on a supported network port. Perhaps that’s the reason they don’t work with Cloudflare enabled?
(PS: don’t expose your cameras to the internet, please! Use something like Cloudflare Access to secure them :slightly_smiling_face:)

Hi Albert. That link takes me to many many pages of information. Let’s try it this way. Below is the page where I enter the information for the Dynamic DNS client for Cloudflare. Please tell me how and what to populate for this client to update Cloudflare with my current IP address. Thank you.

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