Proxy arbitrary TLS traffic?

I’d like to use Cloudflare to proxy clickhouse traffic. Is this possible? Here I can see the list of ports that are proxied. Supposedly I need an HTTPS uncached port. But when I try to connect using a clickhouse client, it says:

Code: 102. DB::NetException: Unexpected packet from server (expected Hello or Exception, got Unknown packet). (UNEXPECTED_PACKET_FROM_SERVER)

So this is not possible after all?

Only with an Enterprise plan and Spectrum. Otherwise you are limited to HTTP.

(Limited to HTTP/HTTPS I guess…)

How do I find out my pricing plan? Or rather the pricing plan of the account I’m given access to?

HTTPS is just the implicit SSL version of HTTP.

As for your account plan, you find that on the Overview page of your domain.

On the Overview page I see “Enterprise plan,” but when I try to create a Spectrum app, it lists only Minecraft/SSH/RDP for the application type.

Spectrum is an add-on and you should contact your account manager to get that enabled.

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