Proxy Address does not match packet source and other Spectrum UDP questions


We’re using Spectrum for UDP traffic with the Simple Proxy Protocol Header and we have some questions.

First, it appears that traffic we receive from Spectrum at our Origin server comes from a different ip than the one indicated in the proxy header, but egress must be sent back to the same ip the traffic originated from and not the address in the proxy header. Is this correct and intended? And if so, out of curiosity, why is this?

Second, it appears the proxy address is the same for multiple users hitting our servers but the actual originating from address is different, this leads us to ask: Will we always receive packets from the same address once a connection is made? Is it expected that we need to record and use the ip the packet originated from in addition to the proxy header in order to send egress traffic if we want to send out multiple packets of data in response to a single packet in? Is it possible at all to rely only on the information in the proxy header to allow for egress out?

The fact that we have to send data out to an ip not included in the header means we have to add the originating ip to our connection state details which we would prefer not to do if possible, but we also don’t know what we don’t know, and any insight would be appreciated.