Proxy activation loses connection

Friends, I’m facing a problem!

When I activate the proxy in a DNS record, my application that uses a specific port stops working.

I’ve already researched some ways to solve it, but without success.

When I disable the proxy on cloudflare, everything works again.

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What you describe is expected behavior. Cloudflare only supports specific ports and protocols.

You can use the new Cloudflare Origin Rules to map to a different port on your origin server. It still needs to be accessed from a supported port from the internet.

Thank you for the answer, but it’s still a little confusing for me… I’ll try to provide more details.

my application accesses through a port, for example 9515, when the orange cloud proxy is disabled, everything works. but when active, it stops communicating.

I don’t know how to release this specific port within a specific DNS.

Can anyone help me with examples here?

You cannot connect to port 9515 on a proxied hostname. It will not work. The Cloudflare proxy does not listen on that post and connection attempts will simply be dropped.

See the link in my prior reply that lists the only ports that you can use with a proxied hostname. If you want to connect to a standard port and have the Cloudflare proxy connect to port 9515 on your origin server you can use an origin rule to set that. See the second link in my prior reply for details.


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