Proxy 1 ip

I have big problem with clouflare
I have 1 domain with 2 ip
1 ip for http traffic
1 ip for tcp traffic
When I want use cloudflare dns+proxy for first ip that have http traffic tcp traffic that use other ip not worked and no traffic send in tcp ip

HTTP uses TCP. You’re saying you have one hostname with two different IP addresses? Each for its own protocol?

Regardless, Cloudflare only proxies HTTP/S traffic, unless you’re on an Enterprise plan.

I know that cloudflare just suport http in free plan
But I just use it for 1 ip but effect on each 2 ip and tcp not worked

Your problem isn’t clear.
HTTP (OSI Layer 5-7) relies on TCP (OSI Layer 4).

What are you trying to achieve?
Any error message?

Ah, telling us the hostnames in question would help a lot :slightly_smiling_face: