Proxied website going to old website

When I proxy the DNS A settings *, www the old website is displayed from the old server (Bluehost). When I turn proxy off so that it is just “DNS only” the new website appears on the new server (Heart Internet).

Is this because Bluehost use either Cloudflare or Let’s encrypt to provide an SSL certificate? Are the original SSL certificate configurations taking precedence over the new Cloudflare configuration or Let’s Encrypt configurations?

Please could you let me know what needs to be done so that the new website displays when I proxy the website to use Cloudflare’s features.

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What is your domain? Have you tried clearing the cache for the domain as well?

The domain is Yes, I have tried to clear the cache at “Caching > Configuration > Purge Everything”. It still doesn’t work. When I enable “Proxy” for the DNS settings; it just shows the old website. So I have set the DNS settings to “DNS only”, but I need to use Cloudflares SSL certificate, so I need to have “Proxy” switched on.

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Hi, I have the same problem. I set the new IP address for the @ and www records and it is still redirected to the old site.
I tried many things:

  • cleared cached many times
  • set back and forth the records, removed the records, created new ones
  • set developer mode
  • disable cache, TTLs down to 2 min etc
    Nothing helped so far.
    Is there something else? I think this can be a bug somewhere in the system.
    My domain is erazerowaste .com.
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I am seeing the same issue today, with DNS changes for proxied domains not being reflected correctly.

What’s interesting: when I entirely remove a DNS entry, it stops working. But if I then re-enter it (with the new target), it again redirects to the old target instead of the new one. This is a bit concerning.

Over the weekend I was able to toggle back and forth from my previous website host IP and my new host IP with no problem (proxied), no apparent propagation time. Today, however, I changed the IPs an hour ago and the site that loads has not changed.

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I also tried it again, just after a day of my new settings. I hoped, maybe there can be some kind of caching of these dns settings at the cloud proxy servers but no, it does not work again. I have to use “DNS only” setting for those records otherwise the old site is coming back.

This seems for me like a bug in the system, I hope someone from Cloudflare will investigate it.

I ended up buying a Pro plan to place a support ticket, and it turned out to be worth it:

The issue here is that this hostname is still managed by a service provider that uses our SSL for SaaS solution.
You will need to contact this service provider, and ask them to delete the hostname from their system.
This will resolve the problem.

In my case, the domains previously pointed at DigitalOcean App Platform, which seems to be internally using Cloudflare as well. After I removed the domains from the respective projects inside the DO control panel, the DNS updates were immediately reflected. Obviously it would have been awesome if there had been a way to know without spending $20. :see_no_evil:

Hope this helps some of you as well.

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Is there a way of getting Cloudflare to update their proxy configuration and route to the new IP for a domain which has moved to another hosting provider without the previous hosting provider removing the domain from their Cloudflare account? Can this be done without a Pro plan? Or is it just a matter of waiting for the domain to deactivate on the previous hosting providers Cloudflare account?

I have tried to get the previous developer of the website to contact his hosting company, but I haven’t had a reply. I wish Cloudflare would update the proxied website once the nameserver for the domain has been updated.

Is there a way of verifying a domain with Cloudflare, other than changing the namerserver, so that it forces the proxiy to update and for the domain to be removed from the previous Cloudflare account?

2404083 @morehelp

Two options here:

  1. if the old provider was using Cloudflare’s full option, meaning it was setting NS, then simply changing those at the registrar to the new account, will make it move.
  2. if, and I suspect this is the case, the old provider was using Cloudflare for SaaS they need to clean up their work manually, or via a support ticket through Cloudflare. If that fails, a ticket here should resolve the issue. I will escalate you ticket, even if you abused the @MoreHelp tag.

PS: what was the previous host?


Thank you. This makes sense.

The previous host was BlueHost.

Sorry. This is my first time on the community so I didn’t realise.

Do I need to submit a new support ticket for the domain to be removed from BlueHost’s “Cloudflare for SaaS” account?

Thank you.

Hello @ davehigham!

Yes, because Bluehost has an active certificate for your domain , requests hit it first:

That certificate needs to be removed in order for yours to be presented to visitors, and the DNS configurations in your zone to take place.

So, you are correct: you need to get in touch with the SSL for SaaS provider to have it removed.


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