Proxied website fails to lookup behind VPN


I would like to ask for help with the configuration of my website.

I recently set up a static HTML website that I proxied using Cloudflare DNS. Everything works fine for a vast majority of my visitors. Unfortunately, one user got in touch and reported that my website fails to load from their Win10 computer, which lives behind a corporate VPN.

They seem to be using a corporate-managed nameserver that produces an accurate non-authoritative DNS record as far as I can tell:

Addresses:    2a06:98c1:3121::3

Still, the configuration above produces a CONNECTION_RESET error in their browsers.

Conversely, when I run the same query from my own laptop, where everything works as expected, I get the following records:

Addresses:    2a06:98c1:3120::c

From my point of view, all of the above records seem valid (and I would imagine that different clients would be assigned different edge servers based on their location or current load). So, how is it possible that one configuration produces an error while the other loads perfectly fine?

Is it possible that the corporate VPN somehow blocks the subsequent HTTP(S) loading of the website and this is not a DNS problem at all?

I would appreciate any thoughts / suggestions.

Cheers, Petr

This would be my guess. It’s possible there is some kind of packet inspection going on that prevents the actual HTTPS connection to that website. This does not appear to be a DNS issue from the information given.

Thanks for a fast response. This is a non-standard TLD (.gallery) so it is possible that special rules apply. Is there any way to confirm this hypothesis?

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