Proxied traffic with wildcard hostname when using load balancer


I read in a number of places that it is possible to use a wildcard subdomain in Cloudflare DNS, but in that case it is not possible to use the ‘orange cloud’, i.e. having the traffic proxied through the Cloudflare network. Only upgrading to an enterprise plan would enable this. This claim is made for example at:

However, I just created a default load balancer below the traffic app. The hostname of the pool has been set to ‘*’, being the wildcard subdomain. The load balancing UI indicates that the traffic is proxied over the Cloudflare network, and looking at the A records for any random subdomain confirms this (as they point to Cloudflare IP’s). These subdomains indeed all receive a Cloudflare SSL certificate as well.

It seems like using a 5$ load balancer enables a proxied wildcard domain, which is quite a bargain compared to an enterprise plan. Am I correct about this? Am I missing anything that will come and bite me in the (near) future?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


This would be awesome! Maybe @cs-cf can confirm this.

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