Proxied Traffic, but No Analytics

I have a domain,, which I just moved from pointing at one host to another. On my previous host, all of my analytics were showing up in Cloudflare, as expected. On the new host, I have next to no reported traffic. I went from about 2k daily requests down to about 2 per day. This domain does resolve properly on HTTPS, and I’ve given it about 1.5 weeks to settle out.

I’ve updated my DNS records, gotten an SSL certificate on the origin server, and set up Cloudflare to be a proxy. I can confirm in the MS Edge developer tools that the appropriate headers are attached to each of the responses. All of my A records are proxied, and I don’t have any CNAME records like www.

I have over a dozen sites running through Cloudflare and this is the only one that isn’t reporting anything since the move. I’m having trouble getting a Cloudflare Worker rule to run, which, I assume, is because Cloudflare doesn’t seem to be proxying the requests.

Any ideas on what is wrong?

It’s possible the other host had their own tie-in to Cloudflare that’s taking over your settings.

If you enable Under Attack mode, does your site begin showing a 5-second Challenge?

Thank you for your fast response. Under attack mode does not show a challenge page, and loads the site, as before.

I should mention that the move is a blog from Ghost Pro ==> profile.

It looks like Medium already uses Cloudflare, so your Cloudflare account here is effectively bypassed.

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Ahhhhh. thank you. Now I know that I wasn’t doing something crazy. I appreciate your help.

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