Proxied status keeps changing from proxied to dns

I’ve just created a sub domain and A record so that I can access my home assistant remotely over https via an nginx server running on my home server.

The problem I’m having is that the proxy status of my subdomain which keeps changing from “proxied” (orange icon) to “dns” (grey icon) every few days. I’ve no idea what’s causing this change - where would I start to debug this?

Previously I was using linuxserver/swag/letencrypt/duckdns which was faultless, but I want to switch to Cloudflare for the greater number of features.

Settings change will show up in the Audit Log at

Thanks, I think I’ve stumbled across the answer, I have a container running a ddns ip update every day and it wasn’t set to proxied.

The answer (I hope) was found in this thread:

Googling didn’t pick that thread up, my Google foo must be off today :slight_smile:

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