Proxied sites not available from some locations if IP resolved to São Paulo network (, etc.)

My sites are unavailable for some clients from Canada, Poland, Germany, Austria, Moldova since yesterday (after 12:40 UTC).
I investigated reproducibility with VPN from this countries and have the same result.
When the domain has been resolved to IP addresses, a network request timeout is issued.
Could this be related to this incident? Network Performance Issues in São Paulo

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I tested with TestLocally and it seems the website is loading correctly from both Canada and Moldova, so I don’t think this is related to the past incident at all.

Can you provide a traceroute perhaps, por favor?


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I think it’s not only about site test, it’s about specific IP’s issues.
When Cloudflare resolve domain name to IP it address can be different for different locations (if proxy turn on for domain). And if IP from São Paulo network (, etc.) appears then response fall with request timed out error. traceroute fails with the same error for this IPs.

But if use services for ping test it seems okay :relieved:

Please refer this tutorial: Cloudflare IP Address Blocked

Hope it helps.

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