Proxied Settings Proxied and DNS Only

Hi everyone I am experiencing now a problem I have changed the settings to Proxied to DNS only settings the go back to Proxied, then this afternoon our website was DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Does this one affected our website?

This message suggests there is no DNS entry to begin with. While the proxy status changes the addresses, it does not add or drop entries. What’s the hostname in question?

Does this mean that changing from Proxied to DNS only then back to Proxied affects it? that is why the server is down now?

I am not sure what your question is, but it’s as I wrote earlier.

Again, what’s the hostname?

I have changed the Proxy status from Proxied to DNS only. Then set back to Proxied and purge cache.

My question does this have the and IMPACT to our website

No, changing the proxy status does not change you site at all, but only the proxy status.

So meaning this have something to do with the web hosting provider.

Possibly, but without information it is impossible to say more.

If your domain is a one, then you are not using Cloudflare in the first place and would need to discuss DNS related topics with your DNS provider.

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