Proxied Round Robin DNS only using one server

I have the following Round Robin DNS setup currently:

My problem is the following:

  • If I turn off one server, everything works
  • If I turn off the other server, everything fails

I also tested it with both servers working and loading many small requests. Using nload, one server gets all the traffic, the other gets nothing.

Why is this and how can I possibly debug this?

Here is what I’m tried for debugging so far:



Now, I try the following:

curl --resolve -I
curl --resolve -I

Both of them report HTTP/2 521, if the first server is down. What happens with the second one, doesn’t matter.

I tested it in production and both origin servers receive kind of equal amounts of traffic.

So there is some kind of smart routing happening even without Load Balancer enabled. I suspect for every visitor one origin server is selected and then it’s “sticky”: all connections go to that one server, no matter what happens. For a different visitor the other server might be selected in a “sticky” way.

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