Proxied root with worker/route and subdomain

Please note - I am a new user, so can’t post more than two links - thus I have substituted the ‘.’ in the example URLs below for ‘’. Please read '’ in URLs as ‘.’!

I have recently migrated my domain (x_com, for the purposes of this post) to CloudFlare.

I have set up a proxy with a worker and route rule to direct the bare URL and www. to a notion page. I obtained the code for the worker at The rules are:

  • x_com/*
  • www_x_com/*

Either of these direct to the worker. This is working well.

I also want to use a subdomain, e.g. ‘y_x_com’ and have set up the DNS CNAME record to point ‘y’ to a web app hosted at Heroku, however, on entering ‘y_x_com’, I am just directed to the notion page (‘y’ is removed from the URL). DNS propagation shows ‘y_x_com’ is not recognised. I have tried with and without proxy (I assume that the latter is correct).

I am just learning CloudFlare, and the documentation has so far not been terribly helpful.

Sorry - the link is actually, not!

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