Proxied records, I'm getting very far POP for my requests

Hi, I have proxied A records that are resolving for me through USA pop even though I’m located in the middle east.
I’m paying for a business plan and I’m expecting to proxy through European or middle east POP.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi @shlomi,

Where are you seeing the POP you are going through? colo= from (replacing with your domain) is the correct place. Can you try @Judge’s test to see if you get consistent results?

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Hi, Thank you for the information!
Seems like the colo is LHR so it’s London?
I thought I’m getting USA pop because when I ping my proxied A record it resolved to a USA IP.
Hmm, I’m not sure though why I’m getting triple 250 ms for requests to my proxied record and 15 ms to requests to my non proxied record…


That’s normal and due to the way Cloudflare works.

If you try the test site I suggested, are all they all much slower?

Hmm, This is what I get when I test my proxied record:


I just don’t understand why the latency is much higher when it’s being proxied even though the ping I get is pretty low 50~70

As you said you are located in the Middle East, London is a reasonable distance. I expect this is down to how your ISP routes your requests.

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