Proxied IPv4 causing issues

Hello, our domain resolves to multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, whenever the IP is customers in Saudi Arabia and some Middle East area lose access to the website. If I hardcode the DNS record to or any IPv6 address is works perfectly. Any one experienced this before? Is there a way to mitigate it? This has been ongoing for the past 3-4 days.

It has been seen before that some ISP’s here and there, are blocking access to individual IP addresses and/or subnets.

On the problematic network(s), can you ping that address?

And are you able to share a traceroute (“tracert” command on Windows) like shown in that other thread?

If, and whenever such per-ISP blocking happens, as referred to above, there is only one way, assuming you still wish to continue to run the website through Cloudflare:

Contact the ISP(s) where these IP addresses are blocked, and complain to them about the issue.

The alternative to that option, would be to disable Cloudflare on the individual record(s) you need to mitigate, e.g. setting the Proxy status to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.


Thank you @DarkDeviL, will get the traceroutes and get back to you.

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