Proxied IP inferferes communication

I want to use the correct configuration to also get the full SLL certificate on my website.
For this It seems as if I have to keep my website proxied with typ A aswell.
But this causes problem with my few communication things related to the server.
I need help with allowing this certain connection to be able to communicate without
the proxy interfering so i can keep the web proxied through Cloudflare.

What’s the “certain connection”?

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Hey, sorry for the late reply… Its a serverside patch sent to clientserver. Client reads the information from the server ofc, the ipv4.

What’s a serverside patch? What is a clientserver? What is a server ofc?

Serverside sends for example a .txt - Client side receives information about the .txt and downloads and updates the .txt

Serverside - Actions taken place on a webserver
Clientside - Actions taken place on the users computer
Patch - Update sent via webserver to the users computer
Server being the dedicated server & host

Do they receive an error? Is there anything in the firewall or server logs?

After reinstalling apache and reintroduced Cloudflare to the domain it was able to connect as intended through the proxy. I’m not sure what or which part was in the wrong. I do not believe I had any weird configs

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