Proxied ip addresses overlapping


We are using the PRO plan product.

When using the proxied dns records are there any way to control which CF ip adress is assigned to our dns records?
Or asked another way - we have a specific proxied a record which must not overlap with other proied a records. IS this possible?


Hello Robert,

With Cloudflare’s proxy (CDN) service, it’s not possible to control or choose specific IP addresses assigned to your DNS records. Cloudflare’s IP addresses are shared among many customers and are automatically managed by their system. If you require dedicated IP addresses, you might want to consider an enterprise plan that offers more customization options.

If you need to ensure that a specific record does not overlap with others, you may have to set it to “DNS only” (bypassing the proxy) to reveal the actual IP address of your server. However, this will also bypass Cloudflare’s protection and performance features for that record.


Hi Louise

Thanks for the explaination.


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