Proxied domain not reachable from Ethiopia

Our website which uses the Cloudflare proxy cannot be reached from Ethiopia since 18 Jun 2022.

Did anybody experiencing such problems? How can it be solved?

What kind of error do you experience? :thinking:

Can you share a screenshot of it?

The connection times out, pings do not go through.


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this is a followup of Proxied domain not reachable from Ethiopia

As a work around we just switched off the Cloudflare proxy.
I created a testentry testcf which is still using the proxy.
www is not using the proxy.

This is my current source IP (i believe it is shared by many customers)

  • ip:“”,
  • city:“Addis Ababa”,
  • region:“Addis Ababa”,
  • country:“ET”,
  • org:“AS24757 Ethio Telecom”,
  • timezone:“Africa/Addis_Ababa”,

From a computer in Germany it looks like this:

Can anybody shed light on this?