Proxied domain getting 403 error
It works fine when not proxied. But gives 403 error on proxied.

Switch your SSL encryption mode to Full (strict).

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Still not working.
I have tried doing this before also.

That error message is coming from your Origin server. Your Apache error logs will give you all the information you need.

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I somewhat doubt that you have followed @erictung’s advice.

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I have removed the code from .htaccess file for xmlrpc.php

As far as I assume it’s about cPanel and Apache, have you tried temporary renaming your .htaccess file to htaccess.bak for example and see if there is any difference?

And maybe it would have to be something with ModSecurity in terms of blocking something, or as far as I see from the last screenshot, you do not see the visitor IP in the logs, rather the Cloudflare IP addresses.

Make sure to follow below guidelines to restore visitor IP in your log files, if so:

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