Proxied dns shows wrong record with warning

I have one cname not proxied, but when you hover over the exclamation mark, it shows the cname of the next record instead. Is this a bug? it happens on every record and if you don’t proxy the last one, then the first record is shown.
simple example:
a.mydomain (proxied)
b.mydomain (proxied) (this has a warning sign and if you hover your mouse over it, it will tell you that c.mydomain is not protected)
c.mydomain (proxied)
d.mydomain (proxied)
e.mydomain (not proxied and warning show a.mydomain not protected)

anyone who knows?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Without more comprehensive data, it is impossible to understand the situation yo are describing, let alone offer an answer.

In addition to the proxy status, we need to know the record type of each entry and the canonical name of the CNAMEs. Can you share a screenshot of your DNS screen? If not, can you add the missing details?

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