Proxied DNS record still pointing to old IP

Hi there, I have a client domain called I changed the @ A record to point to the new webserver but Cloudflare is still directing traffic to the old server IP. I work with many Cloudflare sites so this is not a newbie error - something internally in Cloudflare seems incorrect here. Normally this type of change is instant.

  • Nameservers have been set for around a week.
  • Nameservers are definitely correct. As verified by whatsmydns service.
  • I have checked from various countries and various devices.
  • This DNS record has always been behind the Cloudflare proxy.
  • Using whatsmydns to check this A record I see it’s definitely pointing to Cloudflare’s IP addresses.

Basically the issue in a nutshell: is pointing to Cloudflare proxy for everyone around the world, but Cloudflare is still directing that traffic to the old IP for some reason.

Is there anything I can try to fix this?


Sounds like you need “Liberate the Hostname”


Far out. thank you so much! That fixed it. I would not have guessed that in a million years. I learned something new. The previous host was Kinsta so I guess it’s to do with their setup.


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