Proxied dns record never updates

I have updated DNS IP address of my domain on CloudFlare, but if I set the CloudFlare proxy status to “Proxied”, the resolved IP is never updated. Changing the record on CF to No Proxy immediately makes it resolve to the correct host.

I first tried this change 3 months ago. I made the change, left it for a few days to see if it was a DNS propagation issue. It never updated. Then I left proxy status to DNS Only, since that works.

After 3 months (today), I tried it again, and changing the record to Proxied still makes it point to the old IP address that was there 3 months ago. IP was not changed, just changed the Proxy Status.

What might be wrong?

Currently proxied record:
No proxy record: remove 2 from above link (as new user i am not allowed to post 2+ links)

I made the www2 record now to try if it also happens on other subdomains than ones that were active 3 months ago. It seems to do so…

Both of the above are configured to point to the same IP. Still end up in different places. Why?

Hi @mellond,

The IP addresses you see are most likely Cloudflare’s, and it is by design that you don’t see the IP you configured.

What issue are you having?

The issue is, if I set proxied on, goes to the wrong site.

If I set proxied off, goes to the correct site.

I wish to enable proxy, while getting the host resolved to correct site.

Sorry for the delay, I think your thread hit the spam filter on the forums so I didn’t see your reply.

The www2 hostname is redirecting to another site, is that the issue? Do you have any page rules configured in Cloudflare and, if so, can you post a screenshot of them?

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Yes, CloudFlare Kismet bot flagged the post for some reason. For the same reason, sorry for the late reply, I had no idea when this would be un-flagged and no message received.

I had no idea there were some site rules to be checked. Somehow there was a site rule to always redirect requests to the base domain to the wrong site that the www2 was resolving to. I removed the site rule and it now works as expected. Thanks!

No problem, glad you got it sorted! :slight_smile:

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