"Proxied" & "DNS only" status for CNAME conflict with Cloudflare's Web Analytics & Website loading

Hi experts! we have some issues with our website CNAME DNS on Cloudflare. We had tried to get assistance from our Hosting and even though it was escalated to their technical team and they cannot resolve the issue even though our cloudflare access was provided to them. After much testing on the DNS settings on Cloudflare, I determined that it is due to the CNAME DNS found out that the issue is with “CNAME www.mydomain.com”.

Current status:
CNAME www mydomain.com 14400 “DNS only”

Currently, I have set CNAME www mydomain.com 14400 “DNS only” as this is the only way our site will function normally, however this causes the Cloudflare’s Web Analytics to be “Inactive”.

Issue No 1: my website will not load fully under “Proxied” mode.
If CNAME www mydomain.com 14400 “Proxied” Our website pages will have issues loading fully; all open tabs will just continue to spin until timeout. Also causes some functions to not work on our website.

Issue No 2: Cloudflare’s Web Analytics Sites will not work under “DNS only”
However, “CNAME www mydomain.com 14400” needs to be “Proxied” as Cloudflare’s Web Analytics Sites will not work if it is under “DNS only”.

Is there any ways I can get both our Website to function properly as well as Cloudflare’s Web Analytics to work?


Without seeing the actual website, we can’t troubleshoot, but your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) usually indicate any errors in the Console and Network tabs.

But here’s an option for the DNS-Only crowd:


That’s the exact “Cloudflare’s new privacy-first Web Analytics” I signed up.

I have retrieved previous screenshots of the error, now sure if it helps?

Those look somewhat typical. Blocked By Client is probably a tracking URL blocked by Firefox (at least that’s how it looks when Firefox does that for me).


I will set the CNAME now to “Proxied” temporary so as not to affect our users.

When a page is constantly loading, once I refresh, the page loads properly. Issue comes and goes because once a page is loaded somehow the cache will allow that page to load if someone reloads that page again.

Can you can try to go into this link below and click on any links (open a few tabs) and you will notice that the tab is constantly loading / or even 502 Bad Gateway? Possible find out any errors logging on your end?

Link: https://bit.ly/3kYdvkz

I see. It’s an unbranded 502 error page coming from Cloudflare. That comes from here.

Can you open a ticket and post the ticket # here? Email them: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Actually this 502 error page is very new to us as we did not have this issue previously. I think it is a once off issue today.

Previously the main issue is the constant loading and timeout of most pages.

I will send them an email in that case.

Thanks for your help.

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I’ve sent them the email. It seems that it was rejected by the bot. But I have “replied” to the email as stated.

Update: It just won’t go through as I received another “rejected” email.

  • [Cloudflare Support] 2270600
    "Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support. Your issue has been marked as Resolved in our system. If you require further assistance, simply reply to this email to re-open your ticket.

Hi, anyone can assist?

Still waiting for responses

Hi, perhaps anyone can share if you have had encountered similar issues?

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