Proxied DNS not loading channel list

I am having my own DNS via Cloudflare proxied. This worked fine until a few weeks ago. I am fairly ignorant in this matter, so I never changed anything. I use my DNS for TV streaming. On all “Stalker” boxes my channels are not loading any more. I am getting a black screen. It is not only channels, which is not loading, but even the initial channel list does not appear. On a normal Android stb the channel list is loading slowly and some channels are opening. However “zapping” is very slow (if it opens).
When I open my DNS settings and disable proxy, everything works fine. I am trying with VPN (NL server) and without (Belgian ISP). Have asked my TV provider, if any changes, but they also did not change anything. Have asked someone in UK to test my proxied DNS in UK and it works there??? What can I do?
My DNS proxied is: Maybe you can see what is wrong?

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