Proxied DNS IP address not getting change!

We changed the IP address of this DNS record “A shop” a few days ago. The IP address was different from that website earlier, after changing with the new IP address, it stopped working, and DNS propagation never finished. Even after 4 days now. Our website is down.

Please help us!


Sounds like you likely have an issue with the new origin server.

That is unlikely.

What happens when you try to visit the hostname in question?

Hi, Thanks for your reply. It shows something like this. The origin is GoDaddy. Their support always says the DNS is locating to a different IP address. And I need solve this from Cloudflare.

Yes, that’s how Cloudflare works when it’s proxying traffic. If you are pointed to the correct origin the issue is on the origin server. You can change the DNS record to :grey: and attempt to connect to and confirm it shows the same error. See also:

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