Proxied DNS Causing Application Issues?

We have a ASP.NET application with a SQL back end. I recently turned on the proxy option in my CloudFlare DNS and several forms in our application started breaking. I tuned off the proxy and the issue went away. This happens in all browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer. Anyone have any idea why or what to do about it because I like the idea of the proxy and would like to use it, but need to figure out what is breaking first.

That’s quite strange, as it’s unlikely to be browser-dependent.

Can you be more specific? What error are you seeing?

The most likely cause is that the App is trying to connect to the database using a hostname that is now :orange: Proxied. As Cloudflare doesn’t proxy SQL traffic, you’d have to configure the app to connect to the database’s origin address, whether it be ‘localhost’, ‘’, or the actual IP address of the server.

We have a form builder that allows users to create forms for use in their offices. There really isn’t an error, they just break and not all break just the longer ones. There have been two changes prior to this happening; 1) Using the Proxied DNS and 2) The latest updates to the Chrome browser. Our clients mainly use Chrome or IE but after the addition of the Proxied DNS option we noticed that the longer forms in our application stopped working on Chome and after trying it in other browsers like Safari and FireFox weren’t working either. However, when we turn to DNS only in our DNS settings the forms began working again so I though it was worth asking the question to see if anyone else had the same issue and hopefully a resolution so we could use the proxy.

That’s still not very specific. Maybe you can find some errors in your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) Network and Console tabs. Something more specific than “break” or “stopped working” will really help diagnose the problem.

It could be anything from timing out (longer than 100 seconds to execute) to an error for a specific resource.

Not sure how to put it other than the forms stop working, they cannot be edited. The radio buttons and dropdowns don’t work. We don’t get any indicators using dev tools. I will talk to my team and see if I can get any additional information. I will query my team and get back to you soon.

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